Rachel Lee


Lunar Gala: Yesterday

Creating a visual identity and print assets for Lunar Gala Fashion Show.

Rachel Lee © 2021

Lunar Gala: Yesterday


Visual Design
Branding and Identity


6 months
Fall 2019 - Spring 2020


Alice Fang
Elena Deng
Jaclyn Saik
Jenna Kim
Mimi Jiao
Sophia Kim


Identity Development
Booklet Design

Creating a visual identity and print assets for Lunar Gala Fashion Show.

I collaborated with a team of 7 print designers to build Lunar Gala’s ↗ brand and create production ready assets to recruit designers, advertise the event, and support the show experience.

Final deliverables included risograph and laser printed posters, a risograph printed show booklet, merchandise and social media assets.

Print Assets

Our print assets were created using risograph printing, a process that felt like the perfect way to celebrate the individual narratives of each person’s memory— the raised ink, layering of colors and imperfections yielded from the printing process created special artefacts to preserve the memory of the event.

Promotional Posters

Show Booklet

Merchandise and Digital Assets

In addition to print assets, our team also created event merchandise and a number of assets that were integrated into web and social media channels by other teams.


Social Media Assets


The theme of this year’s show, ‘Yesterday,’ explores periods of dynamic change and transition with regards to what has happened in the past and possibilities for the future. As students and members of the Pittsburgh community, we wanted to highlight what experiencing change that stratifies different community levels feels like, and all the nostalgia, apprehension and hope that comes with it.

Yesterday is a liminal space that explores the tensions between the past and the future of self, place and existence.

Style Guide

When thinking about the concept of memory, our team was especially interested in capturing the feeling of transition. Our final style guide emphasized this feeling of nostalgia and travelling between the past and present through the materiality of print assets, and the utilization of layers through type and image treatment.

Early Explorations

Explorations from my individual show poster and booklet ideation.