Rachel Lee

Hi! I’m Rachel, a Senior double majoring in  Communication Design  and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. I’m passionate about using design as a tool to empathise and foster meaningful relationships for present and future states. 

Facebook Product Design Internship ⟶

User Research, Product Design, Interaction Design

AIGA Design Census ⟶

Data Visualization, UXUI, Interaction Design, HTML/CSS/js, Print

Zero ⟶

UXUI, Interaction Design, User Research, User Testing

Lunar Gala: Yesterday ⟶

Visual Communication, Print, Branding

Adaptive UX: LinkedIn ⟶

AI, UXUI, Interaction Design, User Research

Cartoon Magic ⟶

Hybrid Environments, Experience Design, UI

Stephen Lim ⟶

Visual Communication, Print, UXUI, Interaction Design

The New Norm ⟶

Visual Communication, Systems Design, Data Visualisation, HTML/CSS/ js